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Online Backup Manager

Auxilio Backup is the future of cloud storage

All data is valuable for businesses. It’s a treasure trove of information. Problem is, they are drowning in it. Auxilio Backup provides a lifeline. By using artificial intelligence, we provide companies with a unique approach to backup, analyze and organize their data.

What Are The Features?

Instant File Discovery

Can’t remember a filename? Why waste time searching folders when you can enter a keyword and retrieve a file instantly. It’s the Google Search for your data.

Media Streaming

Our powerful media player allows you to watch 4K, HD and 100s of media formats direct from the cloud, no matter the size. Auxilio Backup also supports audio streaming. You can also securely store any media file on our scalable cloud.

OCR Discovery

Locating scanned documents can be cumbersome. Our Optical Character Recognition engine solves this problem by scanning the content of your PDFs, Jpeg and Tiff files. Now, you can search by the content, not just by filename.

Photo Detection

We are producing snowballing amounts of digital images. Trying to remember the filenames of thousands of images is impossible. That’s why we’ve introduced a feature that’s allows you to discover images by the objects that appear within them

Secure & Compliant

What does Auxilio Backup have in common with Netflix, NASA and the US Government? We all use Amazon Web Services. Protect your files with military-grade encryption and have full control over your data retention policies.

Simple Administration

Auxilio Backup offers a centralized administration console used to deploy, configure, audit, restore and grant access to users. All from the comfort of your seat.

Automatic Protection

With our automatic protection feature, we’ve made it easier to backup any new or amended file. All you have to do is upload the data and we’ll do the rest.

Complete Audit Log

This tamper-proof solution will allow you to track all data searches, file changes, shares and deletions, right down to the time and source of the action.

A.I. Tag Cloud

Get a dynamic illustration of what you like to take photos of. The size of each tag is determined by the amount of photos assigned to it.

Unified Cloud

All data located on computers, mobile devices, external drives, servers, network devices and services like Dropbox, are imported into Auxilio Backup for safekeeping and discovery.

How to get started
1. Sign up

Enter your details and register.

2. Configure

Download the setup and you’re done. Alternatively, you can add users, create backup policies, set user privileges, and deploy the backup software to users for automatic protection.

3.  Back up

Auxilio Backup automatically uploads all data from computers, servers, mobile and devices. All data is secured with military-grade encryption.

4. Analyze

Any file uploaded is analyzed, processed and indexed for intelligent discovery.

5. Discover

Discover your big data just like a search engine – quick and secure. In just a few clicks, you can get relevant results in near-real time, meaning you can focus on your business.

What are the Benefits?
Increase Efficiency & Productivity

Increase Efficiency & Productivity Streamline your workflow by spending more time focused on your business, not on file searches or maintaining servers.

Data Organization & Greater Insights

With your data organised and structured, you can gain greater insights on your business and identify new opportunities.

Advanced Security

Your data gets the same security treatment as NASA, Netflix and the US Government. Never worry about losing a file. Be confident your data has a safe home.

Integrated Solution

Stop wasting time and money on 3rd party software and developers, just use a solid cloud solution that answers all your needs.